600 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis System – Commercial Water Filter for Restaurant


Light Commercial Economy 600 GPD RO system with 20” filter housings, high quality pre-filters, and TFC reverse osmosis membrane. Great commercial water filtration system.


Commercial Reverse Osmosis System for Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, Commercial Kitchens, Hotels, Offices, and more – Light Commercial Duty, 600 Gallons Per Day

The PS-600G floor-standing commercial reverse osmosis (RO) system can deliver up to 600 gallons per day of water. It is the perfect commercial RO system for food service water filtration applications in restaurants, bars, cafes, commercial kitchens, hotels, offices, and more.  The PS-600G comes with pressure gauge, Aquatrol pumps, pre-filters, and TFC reverse osmosis membranes. It is a floor-standing unit or can easily be mounted  on the wall; features a corrosion resistant frame-mount.

PS-600G Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Features:

  • Pressure gauge for pre-filter monitoring
  • Quick connect fittings
  • Membrane housing, cartridges, fittings, and tubing are NSF certified
  • High quality 20″ pre-filters (5 micron sediment, 10 micron carbon block removes chlorine, 10 micron carbon block removes additional chlorine)
  • Two 300 GPD TFC reverse osmosis membranes
  • Light weight aluminum frame with heavy duty powder coating that is corrosion resistant so it will not rust
  • Two Aquatrol 36V pumps
  • Can be floor-standing or wall mounted
  • Filter wrench included
  • Space saving design

PS-600G Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 11″ L x 18″ W x 32″ H
  • Feed water source: TDS levels up to 1,500 ppm
  • Operating temperature: 40° – 100° F
  • Operating pressure: 120 psi
  • Tubing: 3/8″ white

Download PS-600G Spec Sheet

PS-600G Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Applications:

Commercial water filter for restaurant, bar, café, hotel, or commercial kitchens

Using high quality water in your restaurant, bar, café, or hotel means the best base for hot or cold beverages. You can also offer chilled, ambient, and sparkling water to customers which tastes better and is more pure than tap water.

Maintenance and breakdown on restaurant equipment is reduced significantly by treating your water. Restaurant, café, and bar equipment use tap water for ice machines, coffee and espresso makers, and more. Scale build up and corrosion effects these machines, resulting in higher maintenance costs as well as disruption to your business. Coffee machines are very expensive to replace and need careful maintenance with regard to scale control and pH balancing to prevent corrosion.

Using purified water for cooking food is considered a good health practice and advisable to do as a restaurant or café. Letting your customers know their food has been cooked using purified water is something that customers appreciate and is a selling point for your foodservice business.